>Hiking to the summit of Mt. Ballyhoo

> Ensign’s Parga and Anderson hiked to the summit of Mt. Ballyhoo in Dutch Harbor on November 2nd. Before starting the hike they essentially completed a GAR model–a standard Coast Guard safety assessment. They determined their own fitness level, reviewed the weather, filled their packs with extra gear in case of emergency, and informed others of their plan, as well as gave them a timeline to expect them back onboard the Queen of the Fleet.

When they began the hike, the sky was partly cloudy and there was a slight breeze in the 35 degree air. About halfway up, the sky to the North turned dark quickly and they were soon pelted by tic-tac size hail. At that point they stopped to assess the severity of the storm, and decide if they should turn around. After finding some cover behind a rock face and waiting about 15 minutes, the storm passed, revealing a partly cloudy sky once again. The two again went through a GAR model, and decided it was safe to continue up the trail. Once they reached the summit they saw Bald Eagles gliding up and down the cliff faces over the Bering Sea, and giant waves crashing against the rocks below. The view at the top was well worth conquering the thigh-burning trail!

-ENS Anderson.