>Damage Control Olympics


I’m Ens. Caitlin McCabe and I serve as the damage control assistant, what we call the DCA. On this patrol to promote learning and teamwork we instituted our version of the Olympic Games, known to those on Munro as “DC Olympics”. The crew assembled themselves into teams, some with unique names like Licorice Pizza, The Newbies and The Voluntold Team. Each team competes every Saturday afternoon in an event that teaches damage control fundamentals and a little fun to boot. This program has been extremely successful in helping people qualify in their knowledge of shipboard damage control and associated emergency equipment.

I’m also an engineer officer in training. I’ve been aboard for 13 months and I’m a graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy. I chose to serve in the Coast Guard because of its diverse missions and opportunities to excel in engineering and operations afloat. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past thirteen months and I look forward to the many adventures that await me in my Coast Guard career.