>Kodiak, Alaska, Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008

>ALEX HALEY is a 3,000 gross ton medium endurance Coast Guard Cutter home ported in Kodiak, Alaska. She has a crew of 111, caries a HH-56 helicopter, and caries enough fuel to transit half the globe, but needs to stop every couple of weeks for groceries. Her current mission is to proceed to the Bering Sea to provide Search and Rescue response, ensure Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), protect the marine resources, and level the playing field by conducting fisheries boardings.

18 Sep:

0630 – A somber mood around the house this morning as this is our departure day for patrol. The whole family always hates this day as the thought of our reunion seems so far away. To compensate, everyone goes about their business as if this were just any other day, except the hugs are a bit longer. Even the weather seems dark and moody with heavy clouds, rain, and only a half mile of visibility…but no wind, which will be a plus for our young ensign who will be conning the ship out to sea.

1010 – Underway…pretty much on time! The rain stopped but the winds have picked up to 25 knots, which makes navigating our small channel more challenging. To complicate matters, the state of Alaska is running an oil spill response exercise with twenty local fishing fleet boats inside Womans Bay. Our small channel seemed extra small as we crept by the boats practicing tandem oil boom deployment.

1200 – Clear of the channel and recovered 6566, our HH-65 detachment for this patrol. We are welcoming back LT Cody Brown for his third deployment with us in the last year. Seas are pretty snotty and every thing is battened down for a bumpy ride. Goodbye Kodiak, Bering Sea here we come.

From Cmdr. Kevin Jones, Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley commanding officer