>Training, training, training.

>Training, training, training.

Today’s focus was Law Enforcement (LE) training for our Boarding Officers and Boarding Team Members (BOs & BTMs). They practiced some self defense moves which looks a little like people getting beat up so I won’t send those photos out as I don’t want to upset anyone’s mom but, as usual, it is well supervised and carefully planned. The attached photo shows members of the LE teams practicing what to do if someone comes up from behind and tries to remove your weapon. The two shipmates closest to the camera are GM1 Ray Surita (with the weapon) and the part of the bad guy is being played by EM3 Sam Couzins.

Besides LE training, we had an all hands drill where we simulated being in a hostile part of the world, detect enemy aircraft (then come the missiles) which we try to shoot down but some get through. We then have to deal with the consequences including flooding, fire, equipment casualties, and personnel injuries – usually pretty much all at once. About 30 people manage the scenario and grade the other 120 people who are responding and managing whatever comes next.

Finally, we set boat lowering stations and trained some of our new folks on how to raise and lower the boat then when the small boat went away to practice some man overboard recoveries, a few Conning Officers practiced picking up a man overboard from the ship which involves lots of high speed turns. We don’t put an actual person in the water but use two round fenders, held together by netting, that we found floating on the ocean.

After dinner, BM1 Heath Smith will be conducting his navigation brief where he explains in detail to about twenty five key navigation personnel, the plan for transiting and mooring in our upcoming port call.

From Capt. Craig Lloyd, Coast Guard Cutter Munro Commanding Officer