>Underway entries 20SEP08 – 24SEP08


20 Sep:
0800 – Sea conditions are much better today and the crew seems to have their sea legs now. Even the aviators are up and about, a sure sign that conditions are improving.
1800 – Entered the Bering Sea via the Unimak Pass. Seas are good but the visibility isn’t. Typically we are overwhelmed by the beauty of the snow covered volcanoes that soar above Unimak Island.
1900 – Traffic is picking up for the first time and we’re starting to encounter fishing vessels working the edges of the pass, and container ships transiting from Asia to the U.S. via the Great Circle Route.
21 Sep:
0800 – Weather is great and we’re making preparations for entering Dutch Harbor to top off our fuel tanks and take on some more food. This is called a Brief Stop for Logistics (BSL) and we should only be import for 8-10 hours while we resupply and take care of minor repairs. Since we have a helo aboard we need to send it ashore so that they can maintain the SAR guard while we are moored.
0900 – Flight quarters went smoothly. We launched the helo just outside of Dutch then they flew a sortie for us looking for vessels in close proximity to the island. We keep track of all of the vessels we see. It’s called Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA). While we may not be actively seeking them today for a boarding, knowing where they are now may be an important clue to us later if the boat should have a problem or go missing.
1000 – Moored at the city pier in Dutch Harbor. BMC Craven, our Deck Department Leading Chief, conned us in. He made a perfect approach and mooring. Chief Craven is in his final stages of qualifying as an Officer of the Deck. He has completed months of book work and stood countless watches as a break-in and is just about ready for his qualification board.
1800 – We should be underway but one of our generators has a broken cooling pump. Repairs will take several hours, so we will just wait until morning before heading back to sea.
*** Today’s pictures show CG-6566 taking off from AH outside of Dutch.

22 Sep:
0900 – Repairs were completed in the early morning hours but we’re ready again. Our helo, 6566, just buzzed us to say, “Let’s get going”. They’re flying out ahead of us to see who’s out there…part of that MDA I told you about yesterday.
1200 – Clear of Dutch and heading north…way north. The helo will be overhead shortly looking for lunch. We had them fly a double sortie to ID as many vessels as they could. They refueled at the Dutch airport once already and will be done flying for the day once they get back.