>My name is Zachary Peeples from Wiggins, Mississippi. I am a Machinery Technician Third Class in the Main Propulsion Division on the USCGC Munro. I’ve been in the Coast Guard almost three years and I’ve been on the Munro for just over a year.

Besides being an MK, I also work in the Ship’s Store on the Munro.
The ship’s store is basically an extension of the Coast Guard exchange that is made available to the crew of the Munro while they are underway.
The exchange in Kodiak extends the ship a line of credit to purchase goods for sale on the ship while it’s underway. The Munro makes no profit with all the revenue generated by the store going directly to the exchange.

The purpose of the store is to make certain goods and items available to the crew that are normally only available at the exchange while the ship is in port. The store sells candy, soft drinks, energy drinks, tobacco products, soap and other toiletries and basic uniform items like t-shirts, sweaters and hats as well as collar and hat devices.

I open the ship’s store every day after lunch and dinner and sell items to the crew. I keep track of the credit sheets, revenue and inventory of the store while we are underway. I volunteered for the job, but I do receive a small payment for my efforts from the ship’s morale fund.

The Ship’s Store definitely has an impact on the morale of the crew. Selling items like candy and drinks allows the crew to indulge in the little treat and snacks that they would enjoy in port. The store also provides the crew with necessary items like toiletries, which crewmembers may run out of during the patrol, as well as collar devices for promotions and advancements that may occur while the ship is at sea.

The store seems like such a small thing, but it’s the little things that give us comfort during long patrols and help the crew stay happy and ready to give one hundred percent to the their jobs, the Coast Guard and the Munro.