>Always standing a vigilant watch

>I went down into the engine room to do daily clean-ups and the engineer of the watch, Ens. Hannah, asked me to listen to one of the main diesel engines and let her know if I heard any strange noises. She had noticed that the RPM was going up and down erratically, which could have been because of the heavy seas we were in, but it’s better to be safe and make sure the equipment is working properly.

I checked the governor, which regulates the flow of fuel to the engine, and everything seemed to be okay, but I figured I should do a full system intact check on the fuel system just to be sure.

As I was going through, I noticed one of the fuel filters was leaking fuel oil in a steady drip. It wasn’t a major leak, but I notified the EOW over the engine room speaker system right away.
Ens Hannah notified the main propulsion assistant, Chief Warrant Officer Molnar, and the bridge, of the leak.

After CWO Molnar and MK1 Wright arrived on scene and saw the leak, we declutched and secured the engine so we could check the two filters and replace the faulty one.

Fuel oil leaks are dangerous because the fuel oil is highly flammable, and in a hot environment like the engine room it can easily ignite and cause a fire. Because there is always oil in the engine room, a fire can spread very quickly and completely destroy the engine room and threaten the safety and security of the ship and the crew.

I didn’t know I was going to be recognized for my actions and I certainly didn’t expect to get a ship’s coin from the captain.

Mr. Molnar came down to main control while I was on watch and told me that he had a stand-by for my watch and that I should go get my cover and head up to the flight deck for an all hands muster. I went to my berthing and then headed up to the flight deck and the Captain called my name.

It feels good to be recognized for doing a good job. Even though I was just doing my job, it’s important to remember to pay attention to detail and stand a diligent watch because you never know when something can go wrong.