>At sea, 07 Oct 2008

>ACUSHNET is currently sailing west towards the Bering Sea. It has been rough going today, we are headed into some significant seas and wind. We are hoping to get to the SHUMAGIN Islands to find more boarding opportunities and a good lee (protection) from an upcoming storm.

Meet USCGC ACUSHNET’s Master Helmsman, SN Jed Hutcheson! SN Hutcheson earned the designation of Cutter’s Master Helmsman after completing a rigorous professional qualification course and apprenticing under the last Master Helmsman for about 2 months. We do not always operate in the open ocean far from land and other ships. ACUSHNET often operates near shoal water – that is water that is shallower than the Cutter’s draft – or other hazards. What this means is that anytime we require absolute perfection in steering the Cutter, SN Hutcheson is our shipmate physically driving the cutter. “Hutch” as he is called by his shipmates is from Carlisle, Kentucky and is on the list to become a Marine Science Technician.

Cmdr. Andy Sugimoto, Coast Guard Cutter ACUSHNET (WMEC 167) Commanding Officer