>Chasing the bad guys

My name is Ensign Andrew Brown and I reported to the Munro three months ago for my first tour of duty after graduating from the Coast Guard Academy.

As soon as I took over as the Conning Officer to drive the ship for the next three hours, I got a call from the Captain: a high seas drift net vessel has been sighted by our helicopter northwest of our current position.

We immediately began to pursue the fishing vessel and I acquired the exact position of the vessel on one of our radars. As our turbine engine roared to life, we prepared the boat crew and Right Of Approach (ROA) team who would determine the facts from the vessel. As we closed the distance, I set the small boat lowering detail, checking the horizon with my binoculars for the vessel and our helicopter.

Moments later, we had approached the high seas drift net fishing vessel, our helicopter hovering next to it. The helicopter requested to refuel so I maneuvered the ship onto a flight course to land, refuel, and relaunch the helicopter.

We lowered the small boat with the ROA team onboard. The sight was awesome – our orange helicopter hovering above the HSDN vessel and our team in the small boat alongside the vessel getting all the required information from the fishermen. I’m always proud of the ready execution and professionalism of Coast Guard men and women aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Munro when called into action.