>In the Bering Sea, 27 Oct 2008


On Saturday Night, the Junior Officers (along with a substantial amount of help from the FS Division!) cooked up an assortment of pizzas for the crew.

Ensigns Haynsworth, Parga, Perez, Rose, Sheetz, and Stec cooked and served the pizzas for a morale meal, which tasted great (according to the cooks themselves). Afterwards, the Ensigns carried the morale over to the Scullery where we gave the mess-cooks a break from doing the dishes for the evening.

It was a nice switch for all of the JO’s from the watches we stand on the bridge, in the engine room, and of course the seemingly endless supply of paperwork!

For some of us, (Parga, Perez, Sheetz, and Rose) this has been our first trip up to the Bering Sea and it’s certainly been unforgettable thus far.

There have been days when you don’t think you’ll get over the seasickness (but you do) or days when you wonder if your mustache will ever reach BM2 Murphy’s level (which it won’t).

We’ve been working hard learning everything we can about this ship and getting the experience we’ll need to eventually be qualified as an EOW (Engineer of the Watch) or OOD (Officer of the Deck). We’ve all truly enjoyed the time we’ve had onboard so far with the crew and look forward to what this patrol will bring next!


Ensign Soren Rose, Coast Guard Cutter ACUSHNET (WMEC 167) Supply Officer