>Kodiak, Alaska, Saturday 04 Oct 2008

>Underway this morning! We are headed out to look at some fishing vessels that are participating in a small Pollock Opener. That means that although the main Pollock fisheries has been closed, for a limited time based upon the amount of fish caught, the Pollock fisheries will be reopened here in the Gulf of Alaska.

This affords the seafood companies one last try at some trawling before most of the fisheries are shut down for the remainder of the year. Fully understanding that many people make a living off of fisheries, the idea is not to hamper or needlessly regulate how people put food on the table, but rather conserve our fisheries so that there will be more fish again next year. By not over harvesting our resources, we allow the biomass to repopulate and perpetuate the cycle.
More tomorrow….

Cmdr. Andy Sugimoto, Coast Guard Cutter ACUSHNET (WMEC 167) Commanding Officer