>Kodiak, Alaska, Thursday 02 Oct 2008


Good Morning!
Another beautiful day in Kodiak, AK!

We continue with our studies at fish school. Today our Law Enforcement Teams are conducting mock boardings to practice more of what they learned in the classroom.

The Engineers practiced this morning as well. Under the direction of the EO, LT Erik Skow, and EMCS Benjamin Dupree, they conducted drills called BECCEs. This stands for Basic Engineering Casualty Control Exercises. They practice all manner of responses to things going wrong in the engine room. Practice makes perfect so that when you are in the Bering Sea and have a major fuel oil leak on Engines that are extremely hot – you KNOW how to react.

Deck Force continues to take advantage of the good weather and are painting several different parts of the ship. The appearance of the ship is a direct tribute to their hard work. Most of the time in our homeport of Ketchikan it rains, so they utilize every opportunity to stay ahead of the rust – often giving up their own free time to get the job done. Great work!

Cmdr. Andy Sugimoto, Coast Guard Cutter ACUSHENT (WMEC 167) Commanding Officer