>Kodiak, Alaska, Wednesday 01 Oct 2008


Good Morning!

Another beautiful day in Kodiak, AK!

We are continuing our intensive Alaskan Fisheries course while inport Kodiak, AK. This morning we are doing classroom work and this afternoon we will be practicing different scenarios on the ship. This reinforces some of the things we learned in class and allows the ship to tailor its procedures accordingly. The ship has to act as a team from the Boarding Officers who are on the fishing boat, the boat crew that safely brings them over there, the bridge crew that provides any information, communications or direction as necessary from the Operations Officer LT Rob Roble who is orchestrating the operations. Only practice + experience will make us the professionals we need to be out there!

The engineers were busy offloading dirty oil, changing the oil in our Main Diesel engines and then testing the Main Diesel Engines.

Always something to do on a 64 year old ship.

Cmdr. Andy Sugimoto, Coast Guard Cutter ACUSHENT (WMEC 167) Commanding Offic