>Mustache Chronicles Update

>So a couple of months ago, a few of us were sitting around and came up with, what seemed to be at the time, a great idea (funny, anyway). The idea was to have a moustache growing contest this patrol…hey it’s something to do right?. It started out with just a few of us, and then “grew” into an entity all of its own. About 70% of the crew is in on it now…including most of the command. There will be 3-5 categories that we’re still kicking around. Possibilities include; the Burt Reynolds (best), the Salvador Dali (most eclectic), the Vincent Price (thinnest), and the creepiest (as yet untitled). We will have three judges, and prizes for the winners. I’m even thinking about having an online winner if there is enough interest from home. Throughout the remainder of the patrol, I will be giving updates and posting pictures. For comments or suggestions email me at Scott.R.Jablonski@uscg.mil.

Oh, for an example of one of the original players, see 09 Oct 08 blog entry.

BM1 Scott “Jabs” Jablonski