>Playing the latest and greatest movies underway

>My name is Lyle Phillips and I am from Kodiak, Alaska. I have been in the Coast Guard for twenty-five years and I have been on the Munro for about a year and a half. I am a Chief Petty Officer Electronics Technician.

One of my duties on the Munro is the running of the satellite T.V. broadcast and the Armed Forces Network (AFN), ensuring that the news, sports and entertainment channels broadcast by the network are received and transmitted to all the Televisions aboard the Munro. I also play movies at the request of the crew after the workday and help maintain the ship’s website.
Every month, the Navy Motion Picture Service sends us eighteen movies, both new releases and older films, which we are allowed to keep for about four years. I usually send about eighteen movies back every month, so we are always cycling through the movies we have on board.
Right now we have about 690 movies from the NMPS. In addition the ship has purchased 89 DVD’s, using money from the morale fund, and I have DVD wish list for 219 more DVD’s to be purchased for the ship.

The crew can request any of the movies that we have on board from a list on the ship’s website, via e-mail.

During the week I play three sets of four movies after the workday, starting at 1800, on channels 10, 17, 19 and 40. On Saturday I play an extra set starting at 1600, and on Sundays and holidays I play six sets of movies starting at noon.

The most requested movies change every patrol. Last patrol it was “Juno,” and this patrol “Semi Pro,” and “Iron Man,” have had the most requests.

I will play a movie everyday as long as it’s requested. The purpose of my job is to play movies that people want to see to help boost morale underway. Who am I to say no to playing a movie more than once? As long as the crew is happy watching a movie, I’m happy to play it.
I try to mix up the genres everyday so I’ll play a comedy, a serious drama and maybe and action flick every set so that the rest of the crew has a choice of what they want to watch.

Every once in a while I’ll do a theme night. Last week I had a Christmas Movie night, because it’s getting pretty close to the holidays. At the end of this month I will have a Halloween night and I plan to play a wide selection of horror movies.

Since I’ve been here I have made some much needed improvements to the equipment used to play the movies and the AFN broadcast. I added two DVD players and reworked the wiring on the cables to give the AFN channels a better reception on the TV’s throughout the ship. I have plans to continue to update the equipment to increase the number of functional channels on the ship’s system and improve the sound quality and the capabilities of the movie and AFN systems.
This job is all about morale and pleasing the crew. If I can make someone’s day a little better after a long hard workday by playing a movie that they love, then I’m happy to do my part.