>Reporting aboard!

>My name is Jonathan Broadfoot and I’m from Dallas Texas. I’ve been in CG for three months including two months in boot camp, and one month on the Munro.

Being a newly reported non-rate fresh out of basic training is kind of daunting. It seems like everybody already knows what to do and where to go and I’ll never catch up. The big stack of paperwork I was given was also really intimidating. I try not to let those things get to me though. I just try to take care of all of it one thing at a time, and that the list of things I don’t know and the pile of paperwork I have to do gets shorter and smaller every day.

I am already a qualified Helm and Lookout watch stander, and I only have six sections left to learn for Basic Damage Control Personal Qualifications Standards (DCPQS) before I can take the test and start on Advanced DCPQS.

One of the more exciting jobs I’m getting qualified for is Helicopter Tie Down crew. I think being a tie down is an awesome job because originally I wanted to be an Aviation Electronics Technician (AET). Being able to work the a helicopter as a tie down and doing stuff like helping to re-fuel the helicopter mid-air, helping with the rescue baskets makes me feel like I’m doing something really cool that not a lot of other people get a chance to do. The hazard pay is a nice bonus too.

I’m also breaking in Gun Crew on the 25mm gun mount. So far we’ve just gone over basic nomenclature and gun maintenance, but I can’t wait to actually fire the gun.

Once, I am fully qualified I want to put my name on the Store Keeper “A” school list. I want to be a SK because I have a degree in business, and I want to go on and get my bachelor’s in finance. SK is the best rate for me to apply my degree and allow me to gain some valuable experience.
I want to get qualified quickly because I want to do my part for the ship. By getting all of the basic qualifications out of the way quickly I hope to prove to myself, and the Coast Guard, that I’m ready for more responsibility.