>Staying sharp underway


As a member of the Munro boarding team I have participated in several District 17 Alaskan Fisheries boarding’s and two international boarding’s, the most recent of which resulted in the seizure of an illegal high seas drift net fishing vessel.

Working in cooperation with embarked Chinese Fisheries Law Enforcement Command representatives, the HSDN vessel was seized and escorted to a specified rendezvous point where custody of the illegal fishing vessel was transferred to a FLEC surface asset.

During the transit to the rendezvous point, the Munro the boarding teams were divided into three “prize” crews to maintain security and control over the illegal HSDN vessel and it’s crew.
The prize crews consisted of a boarding officer, an assistant boarding officer, two Munro boarding team members and a translator.

With only three prize crews, the watch rotation consisted of twelve hours on the vessel and twenty-four hours back on the Munro. That meant three long nights and days of watch aboard a strange vessel dealing with a foreign crew.

Despite the long hours and the strange environment, the Munro BTM’s maintained a diligent watch and enabled the crew of the Munro to safely and successfully transfer custody of the HSDN vessel over to a FLEC surface asset.

The success of the seizure and escort of the HSDN vessel was due in large part to the superior law enforcement training every BTM receives aboard the Munro.

Law enforcement is one of the Munro’s primary missions, but LE training aboard the Munro can be difficult to schedule because operations, time, space and the weather all play a factor.
Despite these challenges, the Munro’s law enforcement training team, consisting of Lt. Ellen Motoi, Ens. Lee Crusius and Chief Petty Officer Greg Colvin, is highly proficient at training Munro’s boarding team members.

The training consists of everything from classroom work to practical exercises like take downs, handcuffing and tactical procedures.

Law enforcement experience is one of the primary reasons I joined the Coast Guard in the first place. Being a boarding team member allows me to gain valuable experience and to work with professional and experienced law enforcement personnel.

I trust the other members of the Munro boarding teams because we all go through the same training and I feel just as confident in their abilities as I do my own.

Whether it’s in the frigid waters of the Bering Sea or the high seas of the North Pacific, the Munro’s boarding teams stand ready.

One is none, two is one, as long as you have your partner to back you up you have nothing to worry about.