>Training underway to be the best

>My name is Jacob Lewis Warner from Reedsville, North Carolina. I am a Fireman in the Main Propulsion Division of the Engineering Department on the Munro. I’ve been on the Munro for six months and in the Coast Guard for eight.

Fitness is extremely important to me. I follow a strict six-week program, working out six times a day. I work out for two reasons. First, it prepares me for the Aviation Survival Technician program, which is the reason I joined the Coast Guard. The AST program is one of the most physically grueling training programs in the military, with one of the highest drop out rates. I want to be fit and ready to give it one hundred percent of my effort.

Second, working out and being good shape improves your life. When you’re in good shape you have more energy, you feel better about yourself and the less apt you are to get sick.

I work out six days a week following my regimen. Although it sounds like I’m working my body too hard by working out everyday, I actually work different muscle groups, allowing the muscles I used previously to have time to recover without sacrificing gains. I take Saturday’s off to give my entire body a day to recover and start all over again on Sunday.

I do a lot of cardio and calisthenics mixed with free-weights. While we’re in port I swim and go mountain biking, combining my exercise with recreational activities. I prefer to swim in open water in the lakes and bays around Kodiak, when the weather permits, because I think it’s a better work out than swimming in a pool and helps me to be better prepared for swimming in open water as an AST. Underway I will use the stationary bikes in the gym and run on the treadmill.

I also follow a strict diet and try to eat a lot of high protein, low fat meals. Chicken, tuna and other kinds of fish are my main staples and I avoid high calorie items with complex sugars like desserts and soft drinks.

When we’re underway it’s a lot harder for me to follow my diet because the availability and selection of food is limited. It’s also harder to keep track of the amount of calories I take in because that kind of information is not posted for the meals prepared underway. To compensate for this I try to eat more low calorie items like fruit and salads.

I encourage my shipmates to work out with me as often as I can and I will even plan workouts around their schedule to ensure that we can hit the gym at the same time.

Sometimes it’s nice to work out by yourself. It can be a great way to relieve stress and when your underway your surrounded by the same people all day everyday and sometimes I just need some time to myself.

Working out with a partner is beneficial as well because you can push each other. Having a regular workout partner can encourage a friendly competition and you will try to math or outdo what your partner can do so you wind up running that extra mile or doing that extra set instead of stopping where you would have stopped if you were alone.

The Munro’s gym is pretty decent. The cardio equipment and free-weights are all fairly new and taken care of. The gym is always kept clean and is well maintained by the crew. The number of machines and equipment is limited by the amount of space available and sometimes the gym can get too crowded but it’s clear that physical fitness is a priority for the command and the crew.
I think that everyone should working out a part of their life. It doesn’t take an extreme program like the one I follow to get in shape and stay in shape. Even thirty minutes a day, four days a week can make a big difference and have a positive impact on your life.