>Acushnet Sailors – By ENS Cory Anderson

>To wave goodbye to Ketchikan

And circumnavigate Revillagigedo Island,

To run smooth up Stephens Passage

And glide through the fog into Juneau,

To be under the watch of the Chugach Mountains in Prince William Sound

And get socked in by ice in Valdez Narrows,

To cross the hair-raising seas of Alaska’s Gulf

And actually see the sun in Kodiak.

To account for Red King Crab on the Bering Sea

And ensure the “Deadliest Catchers” have all the safety equipment they need,

To protect the fisheries of Bristol Bay

And skirt along the snow-drenched Aleutian chain,

Resting under the shadow of a Dutch Harbor Eagle

Closing their eyes in such scenery could be illegal,

These cold waters they love and roam

But now is the time to set the course for home,

Truly they must be the blessed few

Those comprising the Acushnet crew,

Who keep the Queen’s heart beating true

…That being the single turn of her screw