>BM2 Murphy, the Man Behind the Photos

>BM2 Murphy is an integral part of Acushnet’s operations.

He is a member of the Navigation Division in Operations Department where he helps prepare all navigation equipment such as charts (paper and electronic), bridge logs, navigation instruments, and QMOW watch standers for use or watch on the bridge.

BM2 Murphy is also one of four qualified small boat coxswains and one of the three boarding team leaders. As a boarding officer, BM2 conducts boarding’s on fishing vessels in the rough Bering Sea environment.

Currently, Acushnet is focusing on the Red King Crab fishing fleet. As small boat coxswain, BM2 brings the boarding teams back and forth between the fishing vessels and our cutter.

On top of all of this, Petty Officer Murphy also takes the vast majority of pictures onboard Acushnet for use in case files for boardings, publication on Coast Guard websites, and on this blog.

BM2 is a busy guy, and also a heavy favorite for the “Ned Flanders” mustache competition category.

Good luck, BM2.

ENS Joe Haynsworth, USCGC ACUSHNET (WMEC 167) First Lieutenant.