>Engineering on the Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet

>Greetings readers of Acushnet’s blog! I wanted to take the time to showcase the engineering side of Acushnet. The engineers stand watch in what is referred to as the “throttle platform.” It is where all the controls for the ship’s propulsion systems are located. As many of you may know, Acushnet still proudly operates the engine order telegraph system to answer bells. The bridge will ring up an engine command on the bridge for a certain engine speed. The engineers down on the throttle platform acknowledge the bell, and then adjust the speed controllers to match the request. This process has been in use by Acushnet sailors since 1946.

The picture illustrates the engine room watchstanders performing the above mentioned tasks. Machinery Technician Petty Officer First Class Storms is seen standing Engineer Officer of the Watch. This watch station supervises Acushnet’s two other engine room watchstanders to ensure that operations run efficiently.

Machinery Technician Petty Officer Third Class Vasey can be seen standing Auxiliary Watch and operating the engine order telegraph system. The Auxilary Watchstander is responsible for checking gauges and parameters for the ship’s ship service generators as well as the main motors and reduction gears.

Together, these watchstanders comprise the duty section that allows the Queen of the Fleet to perform her missions efficiently and without casualties.

From Ensign Adam Parga, USCGC Acushnet (WMEC 167)