>Moustache Chronicles Update

>As readers of ACUSHNET’s blog may recall, BM1 Scott Jablonski has provided detailed insight into the impromptu Moustache-Growing Contest he helped mastermind. However, it brings sadness to my heart to report that BM1 Jablonski is no longer qualified to report on the status of the contest, as he has decided to rid himself of his upper lip adornment. While BM1’s decision to forego the contest without first considering the impact his actions would have on his countless heartbroken fans is shocking, the ramifications of BM1’s decision have been far-reaching. Several members of ACUSHNET suffering from third eyebrow syndrome and self-professed leaders of the Moustache-Growing Contest have sadly fallen by the way side in recent days. DC1 Amerson, a strong candidate for the “Burt Reynolds aka Best-In-Show” Category, succumbed to the pressure, as did EM1 McGhee. However, the loss of BM2 Ketcheson has been described by many as the hardest to bear. Not only was BM2 Ketcheson’s lip sweater featured in this very blog, but he is also the leader of ACUSHNET’s most successful boarding team, until now the appropriately-named “Team ‘Stache.” The loss of BM2 has left many onboard the Queen of the Fleet wringing their hands in disbelief and utter disappointment.

While these are dark days onboard the Queen, fear not blog readers. There are a few proud crewmembers left who refuse to bow to the pressure. Among them is BM2 Murphy. One of the contest’s founders, BM2 Murphy was collecting various nicknames from Week 1 of the contest. These nicknames ranged from “Magnum P.I.” to “Tom Selleck” to “Ned Flanders.” BM2 Murphy is not alone, though. He is accompanied by ENS Stec, MK2 Hurd, ENS Parga, BM1 Stone, ENS Rose, BM3 Madera, HS1 Lara, ENS Sheetz, and SN Munk, among others. In the coming days, these few, these happy few will undoubtedly carry the banner for all moustache-enthusiasts onward. Stay tuned for more updates as they are sure to follow.

Very Respectfully,
ENS Larry Sheetz