>Air Station Kodiak



Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak is a Seventeenth Coast Guard District (D17) unit on beautiful Kodiak Island approximately 250 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. The Air Station was commissioned as an Air Detachment April 17, 1947 with one PBY Catalina aircraft, seven pilots, and thirty crewmen. It represented the first permanent Coast Guard aviation resource in Alaska. The Air Station is the major tenant of Integrated Support Command (ISC) Kodiak, and the largest Coast Guard command in D17 and the entire Pacific Area (PACAREA). The present complement of HC-130H’s, MH-60J’s, HH-65C’s aids in completing our mission and saving lives.

HH-65C Dolphin Helicopters

HH-65C helicopters augment Alaska Patrols (ALPAT) by deploying aboard 378’ High Endurance Cutters to make our presence known to the outer edges of the largest operational area of responsibility in the Coast Guard (over 3.9 million square miles). Supported by extremely motivated and professional ALPAT maintenance personnel, HH-65C Helicopters achieve a remarkable 98% availability during deployments. Without that type of support, operational effectiveness on the high seas would be substantially diminished.

MH-60J Jayhawk Helicopters

Protection of living marine natural resources doesn’t end with the close monitoring of U.S. and International fishing fleets far from Kodiak. Air Station MH-60J crews remain intensely involved with state and local officials to equally ensure nearby sea-lion rookeries remain unmolested, halibut fishery openings and closings are closely monitored for violators, and local herring fisheries are properly conducted.

HC-130H Hercules Fixed-Wing

In addition to Search and Rescue operations and Fisheries Law Enforcement patrols, the Air Station flies missions involving logistic support of outlying Coast Guard units as far as Barrow to the north and Attu to the west, deployed helicopter SAR support out of Cordova from April through September, and support of federal agencies throughout the state.


Air Station Kodiak’s maintenance professionals “keep’em flying”. Keeping aircraft mission capable in some of the most demanding weather conditions found anywhere in the world requires a special sense of dedication and commitment. With aircraft availability rates that routinely surpass Commandant requirements, the men and women of Air Station Kodiak continue to meet this challenge. Aviation enlisted personnel can expect to be assigned to one of the three airframe types (C-130, H-60, H-65) at Kodiak. Assignment to ALPAT (H-65) is normally a second tour of duty for qualified aircrew members.