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Welcome to ISC Ketchikan
The Integrated Support Command (ISC) Ketchikan provides health and safety, personnel services, facilities, industrial engineering and comptroller support to all Coast Guard units in Central and Eastern Alaska. Throughout this area of responsibility, ISC Ketchikan provides support for the units and detachments in their area of authority. In addition to these services, ISC Ketchikan provides the following support services for all Coast Guard units in Alaska. Industrial support activity services. Group engineer naval engineering functions (Patrol boats (WPB’s) and standard boats). Force optimization and training support. Approximately one third of the ISC’s staff are stationed in Juneau, Alaska. Elements in Juneau include the Work-Life staff, Force Optimization and Training Branch, portions of the Personnel Reporting Unit, MWR, Procurement Branches and a portion of the Housing Office.ISC Kodiak provides similar services for the units on Kodiak Island and to LORAN Stations Port Clarence, ATTU, and Saint Paul. The two ISC’s coordinate delivery of support services to meet the operation needs of all Coast Guard units in Alaska. ISC Ketchikan was established on May 22, 1996 from elements of the former USCG Group Ketchikan and USCG Base Ketchikan, combined with personnel formerly assigned to the Seventeenth CG District Administrative Division. ISC Ketchikan is located in the Southern portion of South East Alaska on 62 acres of Coast Guard property on the South West end of Revillagigedo Island, one mile South of the city of Ketchikan. The current base location was established in 1920 as a Lighthouse Service Depot and officially became part of the Coast Guard in 1940. The climate in Ketchikan is that of a temperate rainforest, wet and mild. The average annual rainfall is 162″, and the snowfall is 32″. The average summer temperature range is 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.This site is provided to assist you in obtaining information about ISC Ketchikan including the ISC Ketchikan Juneau Staff. This site is also being designed to be useful by all Coast Guard Personnel and dependents serviced by ISC Ketchikan. This site contains important information for personnel that are transferring into the Ketchikan area. Please use this site as often as possible. The world of customer service information is moving towards a completely web based environment.

Commanding Officer
USCG Integrated Support Command, Ketchikan
1300 Stedman Street
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Phone: (907) 228-0211