>Loran Station Port Clarence

>USCG LORAN Station Port Clarence was originally built in 1961 and underwent a major renovation in 1987. It is located approximately 80 miles northwest of Nome, 75 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 85 miles east of Siberia. About 12 miles due east of the station, across Port Clarence Bay, are two Inupiat villages, Teller and Brevig Mission.
The weather here is very unpredictable. In the winter (Oct-May), temperatures vary from a +30 to -40 degrees. Daily wind speeds can average 25 to 30 knots, with frequent blizzards when winds can exceed 75 knots. The wind chill factor ranges from -40 to -100 degrees. No kidding. You will be trained in cold weather procedures when you arrive and outfitted from the skin out with foul weather clothing. If reporting during the winter months, you must dress warmly due to the temperature and the wind chill factor, more detail of which is provided below.