>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – FA John Musiowski

We left today at 9am and I got Sea Sick at 11am! Yep, I was the first, haha. This patrol I plan on getting Advanced Damage Controlman qualified, I plan on making E-3, Fireman, being selected for the Flight Deck Firefighting Team. If I have time before I go to Electrician’s Mate (EM) A-school, I want to get Generator Watchstander qualified. The next A-school date for EM is May 18, which is when I hope I’ll be able to go.

I had an awesome day today! I had the best watch ever today, too. Being a qualified underway watchstander is nice because of my watch rotation. I was in charge of 5 unqualified watchstanders today – an awesome leadership experience! would be doing my rounds of the ship and five people would be following me, listening to me, and learning from me. It’s a great feeling when people look up to you! Today, I got my birthday cards from my twin brother, who’s in the Air Force, and my Aunt and Uncle! I thought that was great timing because we just got underway when they were handed to me!