>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – YN3 Kimberly Timmerman

>I’m stationed on CGC Munro. I’m the new Yeoman onboard. Coming from Yeoman “A” school to the cutter life has been very stressful. I basically have to be a sponge on learning the drills and breaking in with Damage Controlman PQS. When I first got here, I was overwhelmed with how much being a yeoman on a cutter is very different than being a yeoman ashore. I have to know primary duties as a yeoman, know how this cutter runs, and how to save the cutter if we ever had a case where we would be taking on water or fighting a fire. Each person, no matter what rank, has a job to help keep this boat going.

Today is my first day underway. The reality of getting underway never set in until we pulled off the pier. When it set in, I realized how much other people who have never been on a cutter are missing out on a once in a life time experience. The best thing about being on any cutter is you can learn more than the primary job you get as a Petty Officer. You can learn different rates and how they all do their jobs.