>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – BMC Papineau

>Working Out While Underway

Working out does not stop when we leave the pier, but there are some times when working out is quite a task. At home when you go to the gym, you don't have to worry at all about the equipment and or room moving while you work out. Underway is a completely different story. Underway the ship constantly rolls from side to side and or pitches, the process of the ship riding over a wave where the bow rises and comes back down. Imagine now that the ship is in 12 foot seas, you're running on a treadmill and it feels like you're running up a steep hill and then two seconds later your running down a mountain, or you keep running into the left side rail and then two seconds later you're bouncing into the right rail.

Now let's move to an elliptical machine. Back home maintaining 165 strides per minute is easy, right? Try it when the ship is in 12-15 foot seas. You're trying to maintain that same 165 strides per minute, but as the ship's bow rises up, you're down to 145 strides per minute, fighting the upward motion of the ship. Then as the ship rides over the wave and your strides are at 185 per minute due to the downward motion of the ship. During the process you also have to keep from going between the handles to almost falling off the back of the machine. Next time you're at the gym, try to imagine the gym and machines on a platform moving from side to side during your workout.