>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – CAPT Craig Lloyd, Commanding Officer

>Iditarod, Smiditarod.

About 20 to 30 of us are participating in the ISC Kodiak Fitness Challenge. Just like the Iditarod, we have to complete 1,000 miles. Here’s how it works: teams of ten have to average 100 miles a day on treadmills, rowing machines, swimming, or elliptical machines. The more miles your team does, the faster they reach each check point and eventually cross “the finish line”. We’re on day three and some folks are walking a little funny and it’s not just because the ships’ beam to the seas. Of course, swimming is out of the question with the water temperature in the 30s and today we had gusts up to around 50 knots and seas to match. It’s certainly not as easy to work out when the gym, and entire ship for that matter, is bouncing around. The treadmill is especially tricky. I was unknowingly ‘recruited’ – actually signed up by my wife who seems to be doing two miles for every one of mine. The rest of the team is two spouses of shipmates, a civilian who works at the Childcare Center on base, our Engineer Officer, our Main Propulsion Assistant who is TAD, and three enlisted members from engineering. It’s probably also a little incentive for all of us participating that later in the deployment we’re going to end up someplace warm and sunny where we won’t be wearing parkas. Supposedly there are prizes but I think for most of us, it’s not about winning.

Mush on…