>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – DC3 Tyler Quigley


My name is Tyler Quigley and I am a Damage Controlman (DC) on the mighty warship MUNRO. As a DC, I fix and deal with things all over the boat whether it be up welding in the helo hangar or down fixing a sewage problem caused by other members of the crew. I am also currently breaking in as a Throttleman in the Engine Room. Between standing watches and working throughout the boat, I get to stay really busy.

Instead of taking a turn to "Negative Town", I find having a good sense of humor can go a long way. The other day when running a machinery space fire drill, I was the On-Scene Leader for the back-up fire team. To pass the time and keep spirits up, I had the whole fire team singing. Apparently, my handheld radio was keyed up the entire time so that amid the urgent radio calls from the firefighters everyone could hear my fire team singing "the roof is on fire." I heard the Captain thought it was funny though so I guess that's a good thing. Comic relief proves crucial in tough times.

For the most part, I like being a part of the Engineering Department and working for the Damage Control Senior Chief. He and the rest of the Engineering Department do things the right way. We are all more of a family than anything else and always look out for each other. It's cool to see all the divisions in the department coming together to fix something that breaks down. Just a few more days until our next port call. Looking forward to a much needed break.