>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – ET3 Rowland Rux

>Dutch harbor is very desolate, yet a welcomed relief from being at sea. The opportunity to give a call home outweighs any disappointment over the only port call we have while patrolling the Bering Sea. Our cutter’s responsibility as the first responder and refueling and supply platform for all search and rescue helicopters in the Bering Sea outweighs the fact that we only go to Dutch Harbor for port calls. It may sound like I am a bit jaded by my Alaska Patrol experiences, but I really do have a sense of pride in the fact that we are here to literally save peoples lives. So what if I don’t have the best port calls and the seas are sometimes a little rough – I can at least take comfort in the knowledge that I am doing something noble, for not only the fisherman of Alaska, but for our nation as a whole.