>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – FSCS Cushing


The job is not done until everyone is home and fed.

Everyone will agree that it takes the total team efforts of every department on a cutter to get the job done, but when you look a little closer at how it all happens you start to see a trend. You might think the day starts with reveille, but when you look a little closer you see that the Food Service Specialists have been up for hours making sure that breakfast is ready to go for the crew. It doesn’t matter if you work below decks, behind locked doors or on deck out in the weather: sooner or later, you will find your self eating on the mess deck. Breakfast, coffee break, lunch, dinner, and mid rats – the galley supplies much more than just food. It’s like our dining room at home, the place where our family gathers to discuss the events of the day, plans for the future, and reminisce the past. I am proud of my staff of FS’s and the way that they look after this crew by producing there best efforts into culinary delights. Even though they might go unnoticed, if you look a little closer, no job is done until everyone is home and fed.