>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – HS3 Castillo

>Here we are again, back underway after a 4 day inport break in glorious Dutch Harbor. The last few weeks were pretty interesting for me being a corpsman. One of my friends was really sick and so I treated him. The patient had a bad infection and needed antibiotics, so I changed his duty status to "sick in quarters" (SIQ) for 2 days before he could go back to work. It was interesting monitoring the health of my friend, though I had to see him get a little worse before he got to feeling better from the treatment we gave him. It feels good to be able to help the people who are close to you.

Last week, we also had another patient get really sick. The patient was in so much pain that it was hard to tell what was exactly wrong with him. All his symptoms pointed toward a really bad medical situation. So we decided to MEDEVAC the patient (via Coast Guard HH-60 helicopters) to a hospital where he could receive proper medical attention. I knew we had done all we could for the patient when he thanked us for keeping such a close eye on him.