>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – LTJG Hanna

>Written: 12 March 2009


This is what I must talk about for this blog. It is on a lot of our minds. I wish I could stop thinking about it, but I can’t. When will I be able to run today? Will I have enough time with everything else going on? Will I have the endurance to make it at least 10 today?

I feel as if I have a one track mind and yet the work load continues to grow, watches never stop, and the drills are endless.

I guess I should probably explain myself.

A lot of people like to work out on board and there are several groups with a great pattern who have found ‘their’ time in the weight room and what equipment they like to use and they do it well.

Then there are people like me. Who after the first two weeks of being underway still could not get a workout time or schedule into my routine. I had no desire to. Then the Iditarod started and someone in Kodiak had come up with a crazy plan that if you got teams together of up to ten people you could ‘run’ the Iditarod together and race the race and each other to win prizes.

When underway for a little while, you tend to get a little crazy. We were not underway that long but the idea seemed challenging, exciting, and something else to go for on this trip. So, about 30 people on the ship are on different teams and basically signed up to run at least (yeah. at least.) 10 miles a day.

We are allowed to run, walk, use the elliptical, or use a few other machines that we do not have on board. So our four ellipticals and one treadmill seem to be constantly filled with people and have accumulated hundreds of miles in the past five days.


The regular gym attendees are not too happy with the change, and I cannot say that I am either. I did not think I would think about working out as often as I do now. I think most of us enjoy it, but my team is not nearly as far along as we should be. It is tough. A 378 foot cutter does not allow you to run many miles.

So anyways, since I have been dreaming about it and toss and turn at night waiting to work out and look forward to getting it over with for the day that is all I could think to write about this time.