>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – OS2 Russell

>My name is Carson Russell, and I am an OS2 (Operations Specialist) onboard the cutter. Every summer is transfer season. This requires people to do tons of paperwork to get the household goods packed up, make sure if you are getting stationed overseas that you are fit to do so, extend or reenlist if needed, etc. The best thing I like about transfer season is getting to see where other people are going. It is interesting to me to see where everyone is going to be stationed because not always do you get your first pick off of the “dream sheet.” We have people onboard that are going to other cutters in the fleet (i.e. the Alert, Confidence, Oak), Sector LA/LB, Station Panama City, Air station Barbers Point in Hawaii, the ship yard in Baltimore, our Captain is headed to Europe, and I am going to Sector Southeastern New England. One interesting thing about my transfer is that I am leaving the cutter a year earlier than I am billeted here for.

I had just got off the mid watch (0000-0400) and crawled in my nice, warm, crib size rack. I went to sleep with no problem. Roughly two hours in to my deep sleep I hear my name being called out through the curtains. It was my Chief standing there with a paper in his hand. I asked what was wrong, and he stated that I would be transferring this season. I jumped out of my rack and started to do a little victory dance. I told him thanks and crawled back in to finish sleeping, because I knew that I would not be able to move at 0930 when the late sleeper’s pipe would be made. I had no idea that my name was even mentioned to the detailer, the Chief Warrant Officer that assigns personnel their duty stations. This surprise really took a lot of stress off my shoulders, but at the same time I will miss the camaraderie the ship holds.

Now that I know where I am going I have to search for a new place to live, prepare myself for my new command, and get use to the crazy fast pace life that the New Englander’s have. One last thing I will have to say is that I have enjoyed myself over the past two and half years onboard with the many people I have seen many come and go, but my time here will come to an end on June 5, 2009. Adios MUNRO!