>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – SK2 Johnson

>Recently the BMOWs (Boatswain’s Mate of the Watch) have taken to piping the weather every morning after they pipe reveille. This morning the temperatures were 21 degrees with a wind chill of -7. Right then and there I decided, “Yup, its going to be a long johns day today.” So when I finally rolled out of my nice, warm cocoon of a rack, I started packing on the layers; two pairs of socks, long underwear tops and bottoms, regular uniform, and a sweatshirt. I probably won’t even go outside today. I don’t stand watch, I’m not a smoker, so why all the layers you ask? I work in Central Supply. It’s one of the parts storage areas on the ship. It’s located almost all the way aft and below the water line. So whatever the temperature is outside, it’s pretty darn close down here. When the workday started, I made my way down to Central and just as I suspected…I could see my breath. I scurried to my chair and tossed on my gloves and hat as I snuggled into my blanket. Hey, every little bit helps. I think I’ll buy a thermometer next time we pull into Dutch Harbor. I want to know exactly just how cold it is down there.