>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – SN Dalton


Being a break-in Boarding Team Member (BTM) can be intimidating. There is quite a bit of information to memorize, gear to be familiar with, and procedures to follow when conducting every boarding. On Friday March 13th, I was selected to be part of the boarding team. I knew that this boarding would teach me a lot, so it was a welcome assignment. However, it did not hide the fact that it was only my third boarding, and first boarding of a foreign vessel.

The boarding itself was long and drawn out. It took a long time to check every space on the vessel and took even longer to check the cargo holds. However, I learned many new tactics and procedures for inspecting spaces. I noticed several areas that could have proven to be very dangerous if not checked properly. My senior BTMs and Boarding Officers helped me to gain the confidence I needed.

In the end, the boarding was successful, even with a few last minute changes in our plan. Overall, I gained a great deal of knowledge for general boarding tactics. I am very excited to become qualified as a BTM and continue to conduct maritime boardings.

Photo: Boarding team members are transported to conduct boardings on other ships by small boat.