>MUNRO Ship’s Journal – YN3 Camacho

>Kodiak and Dutch Harbor, Alaska: two places that I never thought I would visit, but here I am . It’s my first time on a cutter and I’m very exited about it. The whole seagoing aspect of the cutter and the feeling of leaving what I’ve known for a long time to start something new is overwhelming. The daily routine is very different, but I’ve picked it up quickly. It feels great to work with people that have so much to teach me.

Training is very intense and we are expected to give a hundred percent. After all, in case of an emergency, our lives depend on it . I started my Damage Control qualification. The classes are very interesting and studying keeps me occupied during my off-duty hours. In a boat, keeping your mind occupied is very important, so thoughts of home won’t cloud your mind.

The working environment is cool. I love working in the office. My supervisors take the time to teach me with patience and treat me with great respect, which motivates me to do my best and not disappoint them. I know that this adventure will only get better and better. Besides getting experience in my field, I’m also living it up in port calls, sailing around the world, and serving my country.

Yeoman Third Class Camacho