>Sector Juneau – Unit Profile

>The Coast Guard Sector Juneau area of responsibility is large and complex. It encompasses 12,000 miles of coastline, an international border, 9 subordinate units/detachments, a field office, 3 Auxiliary Divisions and approximately 200 active duty, reserve and civilian members. Sector Juneau’s operations run the spectrum from environmental stewardship and high capacity passenger vessel security to fishing vessel and recreational boating safety, fisheries enforcement, and protection of critical port infrastructure. Southeast Alaska is comprised of numerous, remote communities only accessible by air and water whose citizens are highly dependent on a safe and reliable waterway system for travel via the Alaska Marine Highway System, delivery of retail goods, and support of the commercial fishing and cruise ship industries.

Specifically, the missions of Coast Guard Sector Juneau include: Search and Rescue; Marine Safety; Aids to Navigation & Waterways Management; Living Marine Resources Law Enforcement; Marine Environmental Protection; Port, Waterways, and Coastal Security; Illegal Drug Interdiction; Undocumented Migrant Interdiction; Defense Readiness and Other Law Enforcement. In addition to the Sector Commander’s inherent responsibility for Sector personnel and the administration of the command, Commander, Coast Guard Sector Juneau is entrusted with the following authorities: Captain of the Port, Federal Maritime Security Coordinator, Federal On-Scene Coordinator, Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection and Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator. As the Captain of the Port, Southeast Alaska, the Sector Commander administers the laws of the United States regarding marine environmental protection, marine environmental response, and port safety and security. And, as the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, the Sector Commander is responsible for the inspection and certification of certain commercial vessels, investigation of marine casualties, investigations concerning the conduct of maritime personnel while acting under the authority of their license or document, as well as the licensing and documentation of maritime personnel.

Coast Guard Sector Juneau was commissioned on May 8th, 2006 to unify traditional marine safety operations ashore and law enforcement missions and responsibilities under one command. Prior to that time, Captain of the Port and Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection authorities were the responsibility of the Commanding Officer, Marine Safety Office Juneau, while traditional operations ashore and law enforcement missions were managed by the Seventeenth Coast Guard District. Sector Juneau’s subordinate commands and detachments include: three 110’ Island Class patrol boats (WPB), two multi-mission, heavy weather Coast Guard Stations, two Marine Safety Detachments, one Large Inland Buoy Tender (WLI), one Aid to Navigation Team, and one Sector Field Office.