>St. Paul

>CG Air Station Kodiak deploys to St. Paul from the January to April for the Opilio Crab season as a Search and Rescue asset. This year two MH-60J’s were deployed for the first time. providing a self-rescue capability should one aircraft experience failure. St. Paul is one of two Pribilof Islands located within the Bering Sea, and is about 10 NM long and 7 NM wide. The other island is St. George located approximately 35 NM SE of St. Paul where the fishing vessel MAR-GUN ran aground. The deployment there can place crews into challenging situations ranging from one extreme to the other dependent on weather such as high seas, howling winds, limited visibility, and icing. When not flying on SAR cases such as MEDEVAC’s, searches, or hoisting crew members off of vessels that are taking on water/run aground, crews conduct local trainers and area familiarization flights.