>Attu Plane Day


Plane day on Attu is almost always the best day of the week. Unfortunately for us it only happens every other week. Our plane days start late and run even later, but the anticipation among the crew makes up for the disruption in routine. Everyone in the crew looks forward to replacement parts, fresh food and mail from home or, for the lucky ones, a care package with candies or other goodies. Most flights bring new faces in and take the stale ones out, recharging the station. But the weather has the last word on successful completion of a plane day. In the winter we get gale force winds and driving snow: in the summer we can have dense fog and 40 MPH wind all day long. If the plane is able to make a landing everyone scrambles to unload stores and package all the out-going materials using everything from heavy equipment to strong backs. All things considered, safe completion of a plane day is a welcome change of routine for the crew and a big relief for the CO.