>CGC Munro journal entry


HS3 Blake Castillo, 24, leads MUNRO’s medical training by improptu drills around the ship. Not only do all crew members have the chance to be both victim and the rescuer, they’re no sitting in the back of the class when the casulty happens right in front of you!

“This last week has been pretty long. Drill after drill after drill. Even during our port call I had duty fo rmost of the time. The same routine day after day makes being underway drag on like a broken record. At least today’s drill was a little more fun than normal. It always goes well when the victim plays the roll well. Today I had GM3 Barnwell pretnd to get shot by his own gun. It was great, he fell out of the armory and played his part, which was really funny. That always helps to relax the situation so people can focus on the drill. The people who performed the drill almost finished perfectly, but they forgot an important step. Overall, my drills usually provide good training or at least some entertainment.”

– HS3 Blake Castillo