>CGC Munro – TACT


Training for TACT. Live it, breath it, believe it…It happens when you least expect it, you wake up to pipes about it, you are reminded about it as you walk around the ship and as you stand watch. Training. I know it has been mentioned in previous blogs but it is especially real to me right now. I was on the bridge the other day when there was screaming off the starboard side. I ran out to the bridge wing and saw a man overboard and quickly responded in the way that I was taught. I had man over board piped, went all ahead full, right full rudder, and stood on the bridge wing to see how I could best pick up this guy. I made my approach and was little far away, but was able to bag down and use my engines and my rudder to make a better approach. I think we had him out of the water in 8 minutes. I hope to do better next time

There is a lot of other training going on these days too. DC2 Shawn Green is a great teacher and makes learning enjoyable. We have to prepare new people to respond to damage control problems and the best way to do it is with hands on experiences. Just an hour ago apparently the ship had an alpha and a bravo fire burning, there was flooding in multiple compartments, personnel had some serious injuries, and only 30 people knew about it. That is because DC2 was sending random message blanks to three different groups of people so they could practice plotting and talking on the sound power phones. It was brilliant and looked like a lot of fun. In recent days DC2 has also started the smoke machine so people could practice with SCBAs, he has hooked up pipe rupture mock-ups on the fantail, set up dewatering equipment to our DC Storeroom, and even constructed shoring. All of this is so that we can help people understand their roles and responsibilities, be comfortable with damage control equipment, and help them pass tests so they can stand a normal watch rotation.

We are definitely a little more prepared for TACT today than we were last week.