>Electronics Support Unit Kodiak

>Electronic Systems Support Unit (ESU) Kodiak is located on Kodiak Island near Integrated Support Command Kodiak. The unit consists of active duty, reserve, and civilian personnel in six locations throughout Alaska. In addition to the Kodiak offices ESU has five detachments:

ESD Anchorage ESD Valdez ESD Juneau
ESD Ketchikan ESD Sitka

Mission:ESU Kodiak provides technical support for all Coast Guard electronic systems operated in Alaska. The unit maintains a wide variety of electronics equipment on small boats, shore units, and patrol boats through an electronics maintenance contract. This contract is monitored by Quality Assurance Evaluators (QAEs) at the ESU’s five detachments and in Kodiak.

In addition, ESU has a small number of technicians to assist larger cutters and with electronics project coordination. ESU Kodiak’s Networks Branch maintains and supports Coast Guard-owned telephone systems, including switches and associated telephone wiring, and Coast Guard-owned microwave systems. The ESU also supports data networks and telephone circuits.

ESU Kodiak’s Information Resources Management (IRM) Branch provides a wide range of support for Coast Guard computer workstations. This includes technical assistance and user support. Work in the field is performed primarily by Regional System Managers (RSMs) at the ESU’s five detachments.
ESU Kodiak is physically located in the 17th Coast Guard District and is under administrative direction of Maintenance and Logistics Command Pacific.