>Now … Swim Call Swim … Call


In a long standing tradition that goes back to at least 1989, 15 crew members of LORSTA Attu took to the beach on a warm sunny spring day on Attu Island. With the Air Temperature at 37 degrees, and Sea Temperature at a refreshing 36 degrees, the annual Polar Bear Swim began and quickly ended after a short dip in Massacre Bay.

Standing From Left To Right:
SA Gravely, SN Villani, SK1 Shurtleff, FNMK Aloisio, ET3 King, SN Jankowski, MK3 Graham, MK1 Clements, ET3 Dosh, ETC Schlaupitz, EM1 Duffy, ET2 Hoagland, HS1 Grieco

ET3 Tremblay, DC1 Kalen

Submitted by ETC Schlaupitz