>Passing the Torch

>As a non-rate you are not expected to be at a unit for a long time. You come here, get your basic qualifications complete and wait for four months before you can put your name on an A-School list. Most wait times are relatively short but some you have to wait up to a year and a half from the time you put your name on the list just to get to school. Those people who are here waiting, tend to learn more about the boat and get extra qualifications than a person who is here for 6 months would. But now those people who have been here a while are finally getting their orders to A-School. So now we are in the process of teaching the newer personnel the knowledge we have learned. Kind of like passing the torch. Some of them are excited to become a leader and gain more responsibility but at the same time, they are worried about having to live up to the expectations of their senior personnel. But they will soon become a leader and continue passing the torch to the next group of non-rates.

-SN Kiehlmeier⨪