>The Inspector

>Slipping on my coveralls,
I’m headed to the dock!
Down to do the dirty work,
I crawl where they will not.

Covered in grime,
I take my time,
checking inch for inch.

I check for safety,
security, too.
The limits:
there are few.

Structural soundness!
Watertight integrity!
Bilges can’t be a mess!

Slips, trips and falls!
Electrics high and dry!
Navigation and Steering –
The vessel could nearly fly!

I take my time,
follow the line;
keeping the standards
fair and high.

And at the end of the day,
covered in filth,
I can walk away with pride.

‘Cause the Inspector holds the key!
The Inspector takes the lead!
Keeping our Mariners safe!
Upholding the Coastie’s Creed!

— ENS Salomee Fisher