>Aboard CGC Munro


Yesterday was one of those days . . . in a good way. Weather (for the Bering) was decent, there were lots of fishing vessels that were excellent candidates for a boarding, and, after a month of training in Hawaii, the crew capable, the bugs have been shaken out, and my confidence level in their abilities is way up there.

At the end of the day, we had launched and landed our helicopter repeatedly, we fueled it while it sat on deck with the rotors spinning, we conducted 3 boardings where the team trained as well as documented some more serious problems, and our cooks provided a great steak dinner with hot fresh-baked dinner rolls.

While our time out here is unexpected and our original schedule had us heading home, there is a lot of pride, or as one shipmate put it today, ‘a noble purpose’ to us being 911 for the Bering Sea. We can and do run hard and fast because the talent (and the chemistry) of one hundred and sixty people. What a great privilege to be part of that team. I’m going to miss it.

Captain Lloyd
Commanding Officer