>Back in port…

>Every sailor will tell you there’s a point where the deployment seems to drag on and on, and it’s hard to believe it will ever end. Eventually that day catches up, and before you know it there are three days and a wake up… then two days and a wakeup… last watch… and then you’re manning your special sea detail billets one final time and straining your eyes to identify your family members on the pier. My favorite part is watching the little kids squirm away from Mom and make a mad dash to Dad as he walks across the brow. Lots of smiles and a few happy tears, and I have to blink back a few myself.

And so we’re done with this blog for a while. For those interested in following MUNRO’s adventure, contact District 17 Public Affairs office or join the Friends of MUNRO Facebook group (yes, we’re really that hip).


– LTJG Crystal Hudak
Public Affairs Officer