>Dad this is for facebook just letting you know I miss you guys ALOT!!!

>Being on this boat has been very hard to cope with lately. I can’t wait until we get back to Kodiak, AK so I can have my own privacy and space. Sometimes I wonder why I even picked this place on my top five picks. There is also times that I enjoy every bit of this experience. Being in Hawaii was so much fun. I love how I could watch the sunsets and hear the music when I was standing watch. Being able to soak up some sun was nice to. Now when I walk out on the fantail I can feel the change from being warm and humid to windy and cold. Knowing we got extended longer in Dutch Harbor, AK is just making me want to go to home even more. I figured if I made it this far on my first patrol I can stay strong and finish the rest of it up. There has been so many people before me that has been here on this boat longer and made it. I’m sure if they can do it I can.

One of the things I’m going to do when I get back to Kodiak is start online college. By the time I leave Kodiak, AK to my next duty station I want a degree from college. So that is one thing I’m looking forward to. My roommate Andrea is going to start college with me. Having her here on this boat has been great! When I have bad days I go straight to her and vent and she helps me through a lot of it. The same also goes with her. The best times I have on this boat is when I’m in my berthing area with all the girls hanging out and watching movies or just socializing with them. If it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t be able to make it through the hard times. Being underway for the past couple months made me realize how much I miss my parents and siblings! I’m missing out on my little sister and her going to her first prom and I just found out she got her license. I miss hanging out with my parents and having my dad play the guitar next to the fire pit in our backyard. My parents and I are very close and I just miss seeing them and being able to go fishing with my dad or shopping with my mom. Most of all I miss my mother’s food!

All in all this boat really makes you grow up and learn who is really important in your life. I can only imagine for the married members on the boat and how they feel about their spouse and children. People who last on the Munro or any cutter in the fleet are true heroes.

– YN3 Kim Timmerman